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Roman Empire Manlia Scantilla Wife Of Didius Julianus

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Antik Sikkeler

4 Şub 2022
Manlia Scantilla was a woman of the second century AD belonging to the gens Manlia-one of the most illustrious patrician families of Rome going back to the days of the early Republic. At some point before AD 153, she married the wealthy Didius Julianus, an accomplished general who had campaigned against the Germanic tribes and held the posts of governor in Bithynia and North Africa. Around AD 153, she gave birth to their daughter, Didia Clara, who gained a reputation for her natural beauty. Following the murder of Pertinax, the Praetorian Guard began an auction for the imperial title.

When Julianus learned of this base development, he hurried to the Praetorian Camp and shouted his bids over the walls. At last, on 28 March AD 193, he managed to purchase the title of emperor at the cost of a whopping 25,000 sestertii [6,250 denarii] per soldier. As part of the deal, Manlia Scantilla and Didia Clara both received the title of Augusta. Indeed, the scandal-mongering Historia Augustae claims that it was really mother and daughter who pushed Julianus to buy the imperial title so that they could both be empresses. Unfortunately, the scandal of Julianus' rise to power convinced the rival military commanders Septimius Severus, Clodius Albinus and Pescennius Niger to march against him and each other. On 1 June AD 193, as the forces of Septimius Severus approached Rome, the Senate revoked Julianus' authority and recognized Severus as the new emperor. The following day, Julianus was murdered in the imperial palace. Septimius Severus stripped Manlia Scantilla and Didia Clara of their status as Augustae, but gave them the body of Julianus for a decent burial. They buried him in the tomb of his great grandfather and Scantilla died a month later in obscurity.

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