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Byzantine Theophilus

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Antik Sikkeler

4 Şub 2022

Theophilus | Theofilos | ΘΕΟΦΙΛΟΣ 829-842

Emperor Theophilus ruled the Byzantine Empire from 829 to 842 AD, and his reign was a significant period in Byzantine history. During his rule, there were several important developments and events that shaped the empire. Theophilus had strong religious beliefs that influenced his policies, and this included a stance against the use of religious icons, which led to the removal and destruction of many of them. His reign also saw conflicts with the neighboring Abbasid Caliphate, mainly over territorial disputes in the eastern border regions. These conflicts resulted in changes in territorial boundaries and strategic adjustments. Despite his iconoclastic views, Theophilus was known for his support of learning and intellectual pursuits. He had a court of scholars, including figures such as Leo the Mathematician, who made significant contributions to fields like mathematics and philosophy. Theophilus's reign came to an end when he died at a relatively young age in 842. His infant son, Michael III, succeeded him, with his wife, Theodora, acting as regent. Theodora's influence played a crucial role in the events that followed, ultimately leading to a shift in the empire's religious policies and a return to the veneration of icons.